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how ss60 can help you  

SS60 is a private results-based personal training studio in the heart of East Barnet village. We have helped our clients get fit, strong and in many cases lose lots of body fat. Here at SS60 the only thing that matters is you and your goals. Each session is coached by supportive, friendly, experienced coaches that help with your journey every step of the way. You are free to train in a non-judegmental environment, where there are no gimmicks, false promises and egos.
Whatever your fitness goals, with our proven tailored personal training we can help you get in the best shape of your life.
Everything is focused and personalised to you for getting the results you want.

Results based personal training

Each and every client from complete beginner to professional athlete is assessed and works at their own level as determined by our tailored programming. Through personal training, we coach and educate our clients and help set realistic goals which will keep you accountable to training and highly motivated.

exclusive membership

We are not a big box commercial gym. Our membership is capped and will remain small and exclusive so we can maintain our high standards of coaching and professionalism-something that is missing from today’s fitness industry.

Friendly Community

Being part of the SS60 community enables you to meet new people, form new friendships and benefit from the support and encouragement of others. Training side-by-side with like-minded people and working to towards similar goals. With monthly meet-ups and external team events throughout the year, there are opportunities to try new things, to test your fitness, or just to have fun.

Personalised Nutrition

Nutrition coaching and advice is tailored to you. You will receive check ins, support, education and food plans based around actual science and a nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle.There are no fad diets, pills, shakes, juices or detoxes.

what we offer


One on one coaching is ideal for you if you need a more personal approach to your training, mindset and nutrition. You’ll work with a SS60 dedicated coach personally to assess your current situation and together, we will discover fast, safe and effective ways to help you build muscle, lose body fat, feel more energised and accomplish your goals.


Our full body conditioning small group training sessions are designed to compliment our semi-private training membersh. Groups are on average up to 6 people in size and are run by a dedicated coach. We have over 25 small group training sessions a month on the timetable and can also be booked as a single session or in packages.


Semi-private personal training is ideal for you if you want to feel more motivated as part of a group and want to make huge savings personal training costs. You’ll have the same benefits of one to one training and you’ll work through the individualised program created for you, alongside a group of 3 individuals to accomplish your goals. Sessions are flexible and fit around your busy life.

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